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Is a trial run required?: No a trial run is not required. We have tons of out of town brides that do not have time to book a trial run prior to their wedding date. Although trial runs are beneficial, they are not required, If you are unable to book a trial run prior to your wedding date, we can always ensure that there is enough time in the schedule to achieve your goals. 

What happens if I do a trial run and am unhappy about the results? Our goal at AWE is to ensure that you are 100% happy with your services. If you are unhappy or unsure about something during your trial, please feel free to speak up. We are our own worst critics. Something that your artist may think looks amazing, you may not be comfortable with and that is okay. Speak up. We are artists, our feelings will not be hurt if you are unhappy about something. If in the off chance that you are truly unhappy about your trial run outcome, we have a safety policy in place. If you are already booked and have placed your deposit, just email the owner within 24 hours of your trial run appointment to express your concerns, you will be reimbursed your $100 deposit and the contract will be void. 

Can I reserve my date without a deposit until I have a trail run conducted? Your date is not fully reserved until your contract is signed and deposit is paid. You are welcome to schedule a trial run and not fully reserve your date until the trial run has been conducted, however, if someone else decides to book the date and sign a contract as well as pays their deposit, there is a chance that your date will be booked over. 

What happens if my wedding is cancelled? Will I still owe money? Will I get my deposit back? In the absolute unfortunate event that your wedding date gets cancelled, you have a few options. The deposit is Non-Refundable. However, if your date gets rescheduled, you are able to move the deposit over to the new date. If your date is cancelled altogether prior to 30 days before your wedding date, you are able to put the deposit towards another service. If the wedding date is cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date, the contracted amount will still be due by the due date. Unfortunately our artists block off their day for a booked date. If the date is cancelled within 30 days of the wedding, finding another job may be close to impossible that close to the date. 

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Additional Booking Info:

When you are ready to proceed with booking your date, we will set up a personalized portal for you. Through that portal you will be able to look over and sign your contract, pay the $100 booking deposit (that deposit will be used towards your wedding day total), and fill out the questionnaire. The questionnaire will help us get more acquainted with your wedding day visions along with provide additional details about your wedding day plans. Once the questionnaire is filled out, we will arrange time frames so we can put a schedule together for you and your bridal party. 

The booking process is the same for Beauty, Wedding Planning, and Officiants. However, with wedding planning services, a 50% deposit is required up front and the remaining balance is due shortly after depending on the package chosen. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Preferred Vendors:


Bentwood Texas - www.bentwoodtexas.com

The Milestone - www.themilestone.com

Dimebox Ballroom - www.dimeboxballroom.com

Rocking R Event Center - https://facebook.com/rockingreventcenter

The Barn at 5S Ranch - www.thebarnat5sranch.com


Corey Mendez Photography - www.coreys-photos.com

Creatrix Photography - www.creatrixphotography.com


Thrall Country Diner - 


Just in' Roses - www.justinroses.com

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